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About Me 

I’m Adarsh Murugesan, a sophomore at American High School. As a student, I dedicate my time to excelling academically and also as part of my school community. I am involved in Basketball and (here we can put any other extra-circular clubs and such). 

Outside of school, I made a mission to encourage students to learn the skills needed to excel in STEM programs and public speaking which are two of the most important skill sets in todays career market. 

I'am always eager to connect with like minded people so please feel free to reach out to me.


Public Speaking 



Working with Laptops

A Blogger

I practice the art of blogging and I share my thoughts on many subjects. Click below to check out my latest work.

Technology Class

A Founder

The Sprouting Youth Foundation, a non-profit that nurtures kids of all ages to develop the skills needed to succeed in STEM and public speaking.


An Avid Coder

This would be a good space to put in the projects you work on. We can even put links to show case it. 


Analysis of "The Social Dilemma"

It’s a hand. A big hand of the most skillful puppeteer in the whole world. The brain of thepuppeteer? Companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, you get the gist. These companies control our every move. It’s companies like these that offer free platforms to communicate, yet trap us with constant notifications and follower/subscriber count. It’s companies like these that drive teens to commit suicide from the judging of others

Technology Class

My Journey

March 2020 - Present

Sprouting Youth Gavel Club (affiliated to Toastmasters International)

Founder and President

Created a speaking club with my peers that focuses on and improve basic speech skillssuch as public speaking, conversational skills, and judging/evaluation skills.

September 2020 - Present

FTC Blizzard Robotics


Designing and building a robot with an FTC robotics team. We have made it to a state level competition.


Sprouting Youth Gavel Club (affiliated to Toastmasters International)

Founder and President

FTC Blizzard Robotics


Humanist Global Charity



Humanist Global Charity

FTC Robotics Competition

School Science Fair

Toastmasters YLP 

Alameda County Science Fair


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